Moshe Feldenkrais, Jigaro Kano Sensei and Judo

As a lowly student of GoJu Ryu karate its going to take me some time before I have anything sensible to say about relationship of Feldenkrais and Karate. Its not perhaps as obvious a relationship as Judo or even Aikido but there will be things to say I am sure of it.

moishe feldenkrais, judo master


However, its a long road to really know anything about GoJu Ryu – except what an incredible challenge it is. I probably have a post brewing in me about what the challenges are for me at least and where Feldenkrais fits with that because I think about it a lot, but it may take time.


But for now this link HAS to go up and if you haven’t read it before you HAVE to read it now, even if you have no interest in martial arts as it is such a good read and tells you so much about the man. Its Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais’s accout of how he got involved in self defense (at the sharp end fighting for his life in Palestine) and how he met Jigaro Kano Sensei, the founder of Judo in Paris, which led to him becoming a Judo master himself and one of the gateways for Judo in the west (Feldenkrais founded the Judo club of Francce).  It has been on my mind with the passing of Fukuda Sensei a few days ago – Kano’s last living student and an extraodinary woman which is a whole different story. Anyway, this is Moshe’s account. ( you can read a more detailed version in the book ‘Embodied Wisdom’) and its a great story.


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