• HAPPY NEW YEAR! Flexibilty of mind as well as body, spontaneity rather than compulsiveness, adaptability rather than rigidity are the hall marks of the Feldenkrais Method and we need those skills now more than ever. Here’s hoping for a positive 2020.
  • ALL CLASSES AND ONE-TO-ONES START AGAIN from Friday 3rd January 2020 This term classes are around the themes of sitting on the ground and getting to the ground¬† in different ways (tuesdays) and support for/freedom of the head (thurs/fridays)
  • Spring/Summer 2020 workshops up schedule page
    This seasons’s Dharma Shala workshops fit together well as a series if you can do all of them, but are designed as stand alone workshops. In these difficult days it feels important to find our support from the ground, walk tall, breathe deeply and be reminded of our ability to explore and play which are the themes of these workshops. See also for City Lit and Actors Centre etc…
  • Order your copy of my book ‘Feldenkrais for Actors’ at a discount direct from the publishers here.