No, that actor is not on drugs: they’ve just had a Feldenkrais lesson

The wonderful thing about doing an FI (Functional Integration session: hands-on one-to-one) for an actor is that they are usually already half way there. If they are a student they are hungry to learn so they come really ready to learn something. If they are a seasoned professional they probably only come when they are in pain unless they already know the value of this work – but if they are open they simply can’t help learning something more along the way. I defy any truly curious actor not to get interested when they start to feel in vivid detail more of what they are doing and get a sniff of what else they could do as well. Continue reading

Feldenkrais, movement and creativity.

Someone recently asked me about the relationship of movement to creativity. She had chosen to write something about it for a course. Interesting question. It has stayed with me for quite a while and there are so many ways you can think about it. Here are a few that came to mind and how Feldenkrais relates to them. Continue reading

Playing Characters with ‘Conditions’!

I had a great day with some of the actors up at the New Vic Theatre in Newcastle Under Lyme recently. They are doing the new Alecky Blythe play “Where Have I Been All My Life?” a very interesting ‘reality theatre’ piece based on interviews with contestants in Stoke’s Talent show of 2010 from teenagers to retired miners. Continue reading