Walking With Ease Workshop Jan 27th

There is a lot of emphasis around at the moment on being stronger in a muscular sense. In general if someone comes to see me they tend to say ‘I am not strong enough’, ‘my back  is weak’, ‘my core is weak’ as an explanation for whatever it is they are having difficulty with. We also have a very exercise oriented culture in which things need to be done ‘strongly’ and nothing is any good unless you are using lots of effort and working very hard.

Now I should lay my cards on the table at this point and say there is nothing wrong with exercise and nothing wrong with using lots of effort and working very hard. Continue reading

3 Workshops ‘to make life easier at home and work’: No 1: Sitting

So having done workshops on things like strength and movement development over the last year, I thought it was time to go back to some fundamental activities. The kinds of things we do every day: sit, walk, use our arms. These kind of workshops are a great way in if you are new to the method because they relate so directly to every day needs, but they are also great themes even if you have done a lot of the method because there is always another layer of learning, of awareness, of improvement. The first one in October is around sitting. Continue reading