Please wear warm, loose clothes for all classes, workshops and individual hands-on sessions. If you would like to receive updates for up-coming workshops or new classes, please contact me at

Please note that if you book a one-to-one session or as series of 6 classes you must give 24 hours notice to cancel or postpone otherwise the full amount is payable.



Sessions available most week-days between 9.30am and 4.00pm and on  Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Thursday afternoon possible by special arrangement. Sessions last about an hour. Please wear loose warm clothes.

£50/£40 (please note prices will be increasing by £5 from January 2019)
Booking:  Victoria 0771 1088765

FI ‘INTENSIVE’ : 4 FIs in one week (£180/150)
For some people this might be an interesting way to work and could create the conditions for a burst of improvement. After all Dr Feldenkrais worked that way often. However, as this is a more intensive way of working it is not suitable for all. Please call to discuss.  

It is subject to availability so best to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

Also please note the price is a little cheaper to make it easier because of the time frame, so it is only this price for 4 FIs all within the one week. It is really about the way of working, not an ‘offer’ as such.



Monday 7.30-8.45pm at Mind In Haringey
£12/£10 drop in ,  £66/£54 for 6 classes
Trial class £10
Mind in Haringey 73C Stapleton Hall Rd, Stroud Green, London N4 3QF
Booking required: Victoria  places limited

Tuesday 7.45 – 9.00pm at the The Haelan Centre
£66/54 for 6 classes
Trial class £10
The Haelan Centre 41 The Broadway, Crouch End N8 8DT.
Booking required: Victoria  places limited
See Map for directions

Friday 12.30-1.45pm at the YMCA Fitness Centre – drop-in only.
Prices:  £9.00 members and non-members
YMCA Fitness Centre 184 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, N8 Tel: 020 8340 2345
(entrance on Elmfield Ave)  See Map for directions


WORKSHOPS (Autumn 2018)


Sat 29th Sept: “Mobilise the Spine”
The City Lit
, 1-10 Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA
10.15am – 5.15pm,  Book with City Lit

Sat 10th Nov: “A Dynamic Core”
Dharma Shala,
92-4 Drummond Street, Euston, London NW1 2HN
(home of Astanga Yoga London) 10.30-4.30pm  £70/£60 (concession)
Book with Victoria
For some time we were told that our ‘core’ always needed to be stable to be strong. Even that it needed to be held or fixed. But most now agree that stability is only one aspect of a much more complex story. A constantly held centre cannot transmit movement or power effectively any more than a drive shaft that doesn’t rotate or whip that doesn’t crack.
The word ‘core’ has been defined in many ways and Moshe Feldenkrais did not use it. However the Feldenkrais Method enables us to re-define and develop a dynamic use of the core for ease, efficiency and indeed power.
Dr. Feldenkrais was one of the first Judo black belts in the west and I will be drawing on my own experience as a runner and Karate black belt. (Don’t worry, no actual karate or running involved!! )



Sun 14th Oct: “Character: The Significance of a Soft Chest”
Shapes In Motion at Sadler’s Wells ,Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4TN
3.00-6.00pm £55 (early bird £45) Booking: Sarah Perry
What makes one character different to another?
The different ways they respond to other people, events, the world.
Where do these differences lie?
You can delve into the character’s back story, but responses are also physiological events and involve the habitual – and very individual – ways you carry tension, how you ’hold yourself together’, ‘collapse’ or adapt.
What can you do with that?
Its not easy to just adopt a bunch of different habits! You need to know something about your own patterns to have a chance of even recognising that something else is different. Then the audience will have a feel for whether your character’s response is ‘true’ or whether anything about you doesn’t fit.  Can you create an overwhelmingly powerful response when
your chest is habitually sunk? Can you respond with vulnerability with a chest like rock? Maybe you can (it could be interesting!) but it probably depends on whether you know what you are doing with your chest in the first place or whether what you do is simply ruled by compulsion.
Our habits around the chest are often deep and old. The rib cage houses the heart, lungs and all sorts of precious pipes and wires. We will use some deep, slow, detailed lessons from the Feldenkrais Method to begin to feel and open up possibilities in the ribs and spine and play some little games to see what that does and what new characters and responses we can find as a result.

Sun 4th Nov: “Escape The Matrix: Ways to Develop Your Range”
The Actors Centre: 1A Tower St, London WC2H 9NP
10.30-5.30 £30 Booking: The Actors Centre
In the film the Matrix, humans don’t know that the way they experience the world and respond to it is defined by a complex computer programme. In reality, we each have our own complex web of patterns and habits that we are not entirely aware of. Our very own matrix. These patterns can enhance or limit the choices we can make in performance as well as life and define our casting and character choices.
We can see a person’s patterns in the way they walk, gesture, even breathe. That means we can get into them by that route too. We will use careful observation and slow, detailed ‘Awareness Through Movement Lessons’ from the Feldenkrais Method to begin to get into your matrix and open it up as well as some games to find where that can enable new choices and characters to emerge.
Of course no one can really escape their matrix, but you will gain more awareness of your fundamental patterns; more ability to explore and develop a wider range as well as more understanding of how thought, feeling and movement inter-relate in performance. (handy for Mo-Cap too…)

 (nb you need to be a member to book, but if you are an actor but not a member contact me and if the workshop is low on numbers I may well be able to get you in. Please be aware you will need to pay a small additional day membership fee.)



This course is finished now – but doesn’t stop you doing it in 4-8 one-to-ones or sharing sessions with a friend.
Being able to run further or faster involves strength and endurance training. Of course it does. However, being able to run more easily, economically and without injury is not only a matter of strength it is also a matter of how you do it. read more here: