Please wear warm, loose clothes for all classes, workshops and individual hands-on sessions. If you would like to receive updates for up-coming workshops or new classes, please contact me at

Please note that if you book a one-to-one session or as series of 6 classes you must give 24 hours notice to cancel or postpone otherwise the full amount is payable.



 Sessions available most week-days between 9.30am and 2.45pm and Monday and Thursday evenings. Thursday afternoon and some weekend times possible by special arrangement. Sessions last about an hour. Please wear loose warm clothes.
Booking:  Victoria 0771 1088765

FI ‘INTENSIVE’ : 4 FIs in one week (£180/150)
For some people this might be an interesting way to work and could create the conditions for a burst of improvement. After all Dr Feldenkrais worked that way often….However, as this is a more intensive way of working it is not suitable for all. Please call to discuss.  

It is subject to availability so best to book at least 2 weeks in advance.

Also please note the price is a little cheaper to make it easier because of the time frame, so it is only this price for 4 FIs all within the one week. It is really about the way of working, not an ‘offer’ as such.



Monday 7.30-8.45pm at Mind In Haringey
£12/£10 drop in , £11/£9.00 when you book 6 (£66/£54)
Trial class £10
Mind in Haringey 73C Stapleton Hall Rd, Stroud Green, London N4 3QF
Booking required: Victoria 0771 1088765 places limited

Tuesday 7.45 – 9.00pm at the The Haelan Centre
£66/54 for 6 classes
Trial class £10
The Haelan Centre 41 The Broadway, Crouch End N8 8DT.
Booking required: Victoria 0771 1088765 places limited
See Map for directions

Friday 12.30-1.45pm at the YMCA Fitness Centre – drop-in only.
Prices:  £9.00 members and non-members
YMCA Fitness Centre 184 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, N8 Tel: 020 8340 2345
(entrance on Elmfield Ave)  See Map for directions
NB for those who come regularly and have been to the temporary venue while works were being carried out, we moved back to the Fitness Centre on 3rd November .




Saturday 24th March: ‘Feldenkrais: Freeing the Neck and Shoulders’
The City Lit,
1-10 Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA MAP
10.15-5.15pm   see City Lit website for more info and current prices
Booking: 020 7831 7831 or

Saturday April 28th: ‘How Did You Learn to Move?’ Part 3 of 3
Dharma Shala,
92-4 Drummond Street, Euston, London NW1 2HN MAP
(home of Astanga Yoga London)
10.30-4.30pm  £70/£60 (concession)
The third of three workshops during the year 2017/18 using Feldenkrais lessons to explore our first months of movement. The workshops are progressive, but each one can be done simply on its own as well.  Going back through our early years can help us clarify and begin to re-learn the fundamental pieces we have lost along the way, and so improve agility, balance and ease.
Book with Victoria: 07711088765

Saturday June 30th: EYES!
Dharma Shala,
92-4 Drummond Street, Euston, London NW1 2HN MAP
(home of Astanga Yoga London)
10.30-4.30pm  £70/£60 (concession)
It is often said that the pelvis is the engine of movement, while the head directs movement. So why does the head direct? It contains the ‘teleceptors’, the organs which take in information about where we are, what and who is near us and orients us for movement in space. Teleceptors includes ears and nose even, but of course, very importantly: EYES.
Age, computers, smart phones can all begin to fix our eyes and reduce or impair not only our vision but our movement.
Since the chapter in Norman Doidge’s book ‘The Brain’s Way of Healing’ the possibilities of the Feldenkrias Method for restoring sight (via the story of David Webber) is better known, so here is a day to explore at least some of what the Feldenkrais Method has to offer.
Book with Victoria: 07711088765

Saturday 26th May: Feldenkrais: ‘Walking with Ease’
The City Lit, 1-10 Keeley Street, Covent Garden, London WC2B 4BA MAP
10.15-5.15pm   see City Lit website for more info and current prices
Walking is one of the most fundamental human functions and yet no robot can replicate its complexity. From getting to the shops to marathon walking, the ability to walk with ease can be transformatory. In one day we can look at some of its components: how to support and balance weight on one leg to free the other to move, how all of you is involved in that continuous flow from one leg to another.
Booking: 020 7831 7831 or



Victoria will be leading a short workshop called “Being Present And Ready To Play: Functional Posture And The Feldenkrais Method”  in The Space at The Music and Drama Education Expo 2018 in London for the Feldenkrais Guild UK on 22nd Feb 1.45-2.30pm for more info on this workshop and the rest of the Expo programme see

At the Actors Centre: 1A Tower St, London WC2H 9NP
 – Sunday 11th March: Presence and Posture (re-run of Jan workshop) 10.30-4.30
Presence is that elusive quality that every actor wants. It is that vitality and immediacy that makes people want to watch them: ‘What will they do next?’. Underneath questions about ‘presence’ are questions about ‘posture’. Not just standing up straight, but the realisation that how a person stands, moves, gestures is inseparable from the question of who we think they are and whether we are interested enough to watch them.  We will need to slow down, get detailed and be precise: it is often small differences in how we are and what we do that make all the difference to presence.Framed with some games and ating exercises,  ‘Awareness Through Movement’ lessons offer the opportunity to feel what we are actually doing better in precise ways and to learn something new.

– Sunday 22nd April: Would My Character Walk Like That? 10.30-4.30
Finding a character is not just about finding a walk. Clearly. However every person has learnt to move and respond differently from the moment they were born, and those habits are part and parcel of who they are. As just one way into such a massive topic, we will take the mechanics of walking apart and put it together in as many different ways as we can, observing our own habits and those of others in fine detail. We are talking: how does your head move, your chest, what do you do with your wrists even, as well as how your feet, hips and back are involved. How can we make more possibilities available for you that can feed into a role? (Bring a character you haven’t worked on much from a play you know really well.)

For booking and more info go to Actors Centre (nb you need to be a member, but if you are an actor but not a member. contact me and the workshop is low on numbers I may be able to get you in. please be aware you will need to pay additional day membership fee.

And look out for a possible series of classes on Feldenkrais and performance at the Actors Centre in the Summer!

Friday 16th March: Developing Emotional Nuance in Performance
Shapes in Motion at Sadlers Wells,
Roseberry Avenue, EC1R 4TN
6.30pm-9.30pm, £55 (discounts available)
It is well known now that emotion is  a physical event, not just something that happens in a disembodied mind: We freeze with fear, shake with anger, cry with sadness, laugh with delight, can feel heavy with dread, light with joy and jittery with excitement.However, less explored is how this opens up the possibility of developing a subtler and more nuanced palate in performance by finding greater sensitivity and nuance in movement. This is not about doing the splits, but about learning to sense finer differences in the ways we can do things; recognising and working with our restrictions and specific patterns of tension  within small ranges of mobility that can enable greater subtlety in performance too.
In this workshop we will play a few games and use ‘Awareness through Movement’ lessons from the Feldenkrais Method to explore these ideas.
Expect deep and delicate work: the little difference that can make all the difference.

For booking and more info go to Shapes in Motion



Workshop coming up for runners near Lewes in Sussex,  12.30-5.30pm Sunday May 13th 2018, details will be up as soon as the booking process is ready!

This course is finished now – but doesn’t stop you doing it in 4-8 one-to-ones or sharing sessions with a friend.
Being able to run further or faster involves strength and endurance training. Of course it does. However, being able to run more easily, economically and without injury is not only a matter of strength it is also a matter of how you do it. read more here: