Feldenkrais Resources


Find a teacher, classes, workshops and information at Feldenkrais Guild UK

Professional Practitioner Trainings:
1) Feldenkrais International Training Centre In Sussex
2) The London Professional FeldenkraisTraining (and Scott Clark’s website)

Some other UK Feldenkrais websites/blogs of interest:
www.nicefeldenkrais.co.uk (Shelagh O’Neill in Penzance who also does week courses in Devon, Cornwall and Spain!)
www.vocaldynamix.com (Maggy Burrowes has a great blog and a speciality in Feldenkrais for voice)
www.lifeworks4.me.uk (Nikhila Ludlow in Devon and elswhere, also posts interestingly on facebook and elsewhere)

CDs, books and DVDs can be discovered, browsed and ordered from the US at: www.feldenkraisresources.com

UK Feldenkrais Guild videos about the Feldenkrais Method:
1) one-to-one hands-on lessons (Functional Integration)
2) group classes (Awareness Through Movement)
3) another take on Awareness Through Movement
4) the violinist

Other videos explaining the method
‘How Does The Feldenkrais Method Help People?

Free on-line downloadable lessons
1) full length (50-60 mins) lessons recorded during live classes
2) short (10-30mins) specially recorded lessons by UK Guild

Feldenkrais-related Research
The most comprehensive list of Feldnkrais-related research is probably the one compiled by The Australian Guild (click on the name)

Another very good source for research is the IFF website
1) A good  list of feldenkrais research and articles sortable in different ways
2) The new Research Journal including great articles on how to do a case study (and lots of examples) science for beginners, the debate around research models and what its for (see especially Jim Stephens and Carl Ginsberg for differing views)

Later in the year I hope to include a smaller list here.

Feldenkrais Works
Feldenkrais Works
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I am adding a link to a nutritionist, Alison McIntosh here. I have to admit that this is my sister, but she is here because what she does is provide excellent research as well advice and that’s really invaluable. There are many ways that an understanding of nutrition is relevant for healthy functioning of the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems in addition to well-being. She is also very person-centred and has an interest in the developing world of functional medicine.