with Victoria Worsley FG(UK)

Being able to run further or faster involves strength and endurance training. Of course it does. However, being able to run more easily, economically and without injury is not only a matter of strength it is also a matter of how you do it.

Most of us grew up walking and running and take it for granted but what is actually going on is very complex – as those who have ever had to actively learn or re-learn to do it will know. You run not just with your feet and legs, but with your pelvis, back, belly, ribs, arms – even how you hold your head can affect everything. And of course we bring to it our fundamental personal habits and patterns of moving, breathing, balancing and adapting to gravity – some of which will help and some of which won’t. Improving this complex picture is not something you can always or entirely do muscle by muscle, there is simply too much involved.

So for a change we will go straight to the top and talk to the part of you that directs all the muscles and organises all your movement: the nervous system. To do that we need to slow down – even lie down – and start exploring what we do in movements that relate to running. What actually happens when you use your leg, press your foot, shift your weight, breathe for example and how are your ribs, head, back, pelvis etc involved?

The Feldenkrais Method is one of the most sophisticated neuro-muscular re-training techniques currently available. It is not a running method as such so it doesn’t come with the limitation of rules. Instead, using carefully structured sequences you are invited to feel what your way of moving involves; explore how your movements fit together and discover some new  possibilities that improve your running so you can run further and faster, more economically and with less risk of injury.

The Course runs for 4 weekend afternoons so you have your mornings for running and so we can cover different aspects in bite size pieces that you can incorporate more easily. You don’t have to do them all but you will get a less complete picture it you don’t.

Who is it for? Anyone who is interested in slowing down enough for a while to listen to themselves and learn something about how they run so that they can improve. It is of value to anyone from beginners to elite runners as everyone can improve at this fundamental level.  It will also be very valuable for those who would like to run barefoot or in more minimal shoes. Each person will get something different out of it according to their level of skill

Victoria Worsley is a Feldenkrais Practitioner based in North London who works with people from many walks of life. She has a special interest in running and works with runners at all stages of experience. She runs barefoot or in the vibrams herself but doesn’t feel everyone needs to!

DATES/TIMES: 2nd, 3rd, 9th & 10th Feb 2013   2.00-5.00pm
VENUE: YMCA Fitness Centre 184 Tottenham Lane, Crouch End, N8 Tel: 020 8340 2345 (entrance on Elmfield Ave) See Map
PRICE: £35 per session, £30 for members of YMCA, Synergy and Heathside (proof required) Book all 4 for £135/£115 (no refund for cancellations)
BOOKING: with YMCA from NOW (contact Victoria if any problems 0771 1088765,




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