covid19 policy for your sessions from March 2020

As of writing there are only 300+ confirmed cases in the UK and we have to keep in mind that for most people this is a mild disease with good, often quick recovery (which the press is not so interested in reporting). However with the possibility of it spreading quite quickly and the fact that many of my clients are in high-risk groups I started taking precautions last week which I will set out here. I can not guarantee your safety obviously but I can do my best:

1) if you have been in contact with someone who has developed symptoms or has confirmed Covid19 please do not come for an FI (one-to-one) or to ATM (class) for 2 weeks.

2) If you have symptoms please do not come. My understanding is that this is not flu and standard symptoms are a sore throat, a temperature and/or a cough. However, given this is also flu season, having a cold or other flu symptoms should exclude you as well.

3) if I fall into bracket 1 or 2 above I will be cancelling sessions and classes.

4) Please wash hands before and after your FI. I have proper hand sanitiser in the room you can use or a bathroom (in my house).

5) I clean the FI table after every person but please wear long sleeves and full length trousers even if the weather warms up.

6)I am washing head towels after every FI session, but if you are able to bring your own small towel to cover my head support cushions instead it would be very helpful.

7) I have been given a few masks which I am holding back in case things get worse and someone badly needs to see me if/when we are more locked down.

8) I cannot control the studios I teach ATM classes in, but they are all responsible venues. Please wash your hands before and after class and I am checking there is disinfectant to wipe down mats. You are of course welcome to bring your own mat or towel instead.


I hope that helps!

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