Covid world: heading on-line!

Just a tiny post now we in the UK are really in Covid19  world, especially in London, with everything face-to-face cancelled and at least a partial shut down just a few hours away probably.

I’m so sorry not to be able to see you all face to face until the other side of this.
However I am in the process of learning to do zoom and will be resuming classes on zoom next week or the week after.

I am thinking what other resources I can offer on-line during this time, including whether it is possible to do mini workshops, and even some one-to-one sessions for those interested. Give me a little time to adjust and check back in. I will be sending out emails when I done too, so do sign up to my mailchimp list or email me to do it for you if you want up-to-date information.

My heart goes out to all who are more at risk, I have many around me too.  If there is a silver lining to this weird Covid world, we can at least find new ways to communicate, work, and get inventive with our slower pace of life.

More to come in virtual land.

Stay safe and stay in touch.

COVID-19 Update: Primum Non Nocere

As of writing this is a difficult situation to navigate. I read authoritative articles that tell me to keep a sense of proportion, that the media are blowing this up and that give reasons we are not the same as Italy. I also read authoritative articles that say our government is being irresponsible by not bringing in stronger measures, cares only for the economy and is happy to let people die.

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covid19 policy for your sessions from March 2020

As of writing there are only 300+ confirmed cases in the UK and we have to keep in mind that for most people this is a mild disease with good, often quick recovery (which the press is not so interested in reporting). However with the possibility of it spreading quite quickly and the fact that many of my clients are in high-risk groups I started taking precautions last week which I will set out here. I can not guarantee your safety obviously but I can do my best: Continue reading “covid19 policy for your sessions from March 2020”