COVID-19 Update: Primum Non Nocere

As of writing this is a difficult situation to navigate. I read authoritative articles that tell me to keep a sense of proportion, that the media are blowing this up and that give reasons we are not the same as Italy. I also read authoritative articles that say our government is being irresponsible by not bringing in stronger measures, cares only for the economy and is happy to let people die.

My fear is this: however mild this disease is for the many, the few who may get seriously ill could get ill all at the same time, and could be a large enough group to overwhelm our wonderful NHS that has been very badly underfunded for years. The NHS struggles badly every year with flu, let alone Covid-19 on top if the peak is not spread.

Even the government is saying that while less than 600 have been diagnosed there could be 5-10,000 with the disease in the UK already. Many of my clients and some of my family are in the high-risk group.

‘Primum Non Nocere’ means ‘First of all, do no harm’.

So while my previous policy remainsĀ I am also saying:

  • I can keep my distance in classes so am continuing for now, but I may well move to on-line classes in the next couple of weeks, assuming I can get that up and running. Let me know if you wish to join should that happen. In the meantime please think carefully about your well-being and that of others in deciding whether to come to class.
  • My City Lit workshop on March 21st is still in place as of now according to City Lit, but, as above, please think carefully about your well-being and that of others in deciding whether to come.
  • Booking is still open for my May workshop in Euston, but I will review it closer to the time.
  • I am continuing FI (one-to-one) so far, but I am constantly reviewing so please check with me. It may get to a point that I simply don’t feel I can. Once again please think carefully about your own possibility of being a carrier as well as your own vulnerability before you come to FIĀ  so that I do not become a vector for my more vulnerable clients.
  • Those bringing their own towels to FI – thankyou very much. It is very helpful.
  • You are welcome to bring a mask. I will be wearing a mask for my older and more vulnerable clients in FI as of this week. It is a bit odd and distancing but I feel I must.
  • In considering whether you feel able to come to FI or class, please be aware that I have a 17 year old daughter doing A levels at a large comprehensive. There are no known cases at her school and only 9 recorded here in Haringey, and she is a fairly fastidious young woman, happy to use hand sanitiser every time she enters the house, but however clean I am keeping my house and studio I am very well aware of the risk this poses given the government’s current reluctance to shut schools.

stay safe, stay well and I hope this situation does not last long!
Maybe we can all find a way to stay in contact and to continue learning.

This may push me into doing some online lessons finally at least…

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