Blog it Baby

Up until a few months ago there were discussion pages on Facebook – and I used them on my Feldenkrais Works page to answer questions that had come up in sessions and lessons and to document my experiment with running barefoot/in vibrams and what I could learn about myself and about running from it. But about a month ago Facebook deleted all the discussion pages. Apparently they gave us all warning but I guess I must have missed it. I moaned on my wall about it and people were helpful with ideas including one response from the US that just read ‘Blog it baby’. Good thought I thought. So this is it. Not sure how it will shape. But in good Feldenkrais tradition, I will allow myself to find out and no doubt try a few different paths and see what works best. Of course I am a Feldenkrais Practitioner so that’s what it will be about, but no doubt in relation to many things that interest me too – like running, acting, music, sport, and how we deal with life. So far I have 3 topics going but I think that’s enough to keep me busy … and you are welcome to email me with ideas, thoughts, questions …

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