Drop-in classes and more, so you can do as much or as little as you wish.

There are  lots of wonderful tastes of Feldenkrais online – little videos and short audio lessons. You can always dip your toe in and try. I have some of those up on my website (scroll down to resources) and vimeo  too.

Yes, the Feldenkrais Method can be a delicious, refreshing pool to dip in, but is also a wide deep ocean that keeps giving new insights, learning and development over days, weeks, months, years for those who wish to explore it. It can bring great benefit or relief quickly – immediately even, for some. But it is also a profound practice whose greatest gifts may accumulate and be revealed over time.

Dip In:
Some will be very happy to take the quick relief,  the immediate insight, the needed help in the moment and then move on – maybe pop in again later. If that’s you, that’s fine. You are welcome to drop in any time and get a shot of something good. Each class is self-contained so anyone can drop in as they wish.

Deep Dive:
However, some will be up for the deep dive – and wish to explore more intensely for weeks, months or years. Even so, maybe committment to a series and paying up front is not so easy. I have you in my mind in how I run my classes.


  • Any or all of 3 ongoing weekly classes on Zoom – with occasional holiday breaks (£10.00 each).
    Pay as you go – just one zoom link for access to all, so you can come to as many or as few as you like easily.
    Each weekly class (Mondays 7.30pm, Wednesdays 10.00am, Thursdays 6.45pm) has a different theme that runs termly and develops, so that those who come regularly on that day can experience development and depth. But you don’t have to start at the beginning of a term. Join whenever you like.
    If you come to more than one class a week you will get a range of themes, but of course any one theme ends up involving many aspects of how we function – breath, support, involvement of our whole selves. That means that each theme is rich in itself, but also that each day’s class may cross over and elucidate another if you do more than one in the week.
  • 3-hour online workshop every 5-8 weeks on an advertised theme (£30).
    Anyone can come whether they come to the classes or not, but for those doing the classes, it gives us a chance to pick up something from the term to spend more time on, or bring in something different. You do have to book for these, but often last minute is fine.

So you choose the depth and length of immersion you want.
A dip, an extended deep dive or anything in between.


  • a weekly drop-in class in big bright studio 2 at the YMCA Fitness Centre in Crouch End, N8 on Fridays at 1.30pm (£10)
  • occasional spaces in my sold-out small class at the Haelan Centre, Crouch End N8 on Tuesdays at 7.45pm that does require booking (£12).
  • workshops near Euston Station NW1 which are just returning from May 7th (£60).
  • One-to-one hands-on (Functional Integration) for some very specific sessions tailored just to you (£60).


Let me know or contact me to discuss.
It is important you can look after yourself especially online where I can’t see you so well.


Five star reviews from Google:
(Many thanks for these!)

 ” I have been attending Victoria’s classes for about 10 years. She is an excellent teacher, who is sensitive to individual needs, explains things well and is quick to notice if anyone has misunderstood. She knows our strengths and weaknesses and delivers her classes in such a ways as to be enabling for all.

I recommend Victoria for one to one sessions if you have injury or persistent movement problems – she is professional, sensitive, and brings really valuable insight. Plus it works.
Her classes really help you observe aspects of your movements and habit, and they are always enjoyable. The time flies, and at the end you find you can move better. Her classes and one to one sessions offer lasting benefits and I highly recommend.”

“I highly recommend lessons with Victoria both face to face and on Zoom for overall wellbeing and ease of movement as well as for injuries and pain. I have been joining weekly lessons for over 3 years and my mobility has, and continues, to improve greatly. I have learned so much about the Feldenkrais method. Victoria’s lessons are clear and easy to follow, often playful and always enjoyable. Give it a go!”

” Victoria is an excellent teacher, her instructions are clear and precise, and her lessons planned with a lot of imagination, showing in-depth knowledge of the method. Highly recommended both for beginners and experienced people.”

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