Feldenkrais for a Covid World

All classes and one-to-ones are running WINTER BREAK 2021-22:  Weds 22nd Dec – Tues 4th Jan (incl)
(so last class/FIs are tues 21st Dec and first are weds 5th Jan)

ATM (Classes): 3 online and 2 in-person
FI (One-to-one, hands-on) I am open for in-person sessions


  • In person  and online one-to-one sessions.
  • Weekly classes – 2 in person and 3 online
  • online workshops
  • Ways to pay, disclaimer
  • Free recordings

IN-PERSON ONE-TO-ONE (Functional Integration):
I have had both vaccinations and take two rapid tests (lateral flow) a week now. I am currently open Tuesdays to Fridays.

My room has its own street entrance,  is well ventilated and has a Dyson air purifer with HEPA filter as recommended by WHO for filtering out Covid as well as allergens and toxins. Current  information on PPE and Covid protocol here

COST: £60 (£55/50 discounts available if needed) Sessions last about an hour.

Obviously this is not Functional Integration, because I can’t touch.
But via Skype or Zoom I can help with some specific issues using tailored Awareness Through Movement.
COST: £50 for an hour



7.45 – 8.45pm at The Haelan Centre (side entrance),
41 The Broadway, Crouch End London N8 8DT
£12, contact victoria to book.
mostly booking 6 classes is required (a lesson can be postponed with 24 hours notice) but occasionally there is a drop in space.

Fridays: 1.30-2.30pm  at the North London YMCA  Fitness Centre,
drop in class, in studio 2 (NEW TIME, NEW ROOM, SAME VENUE!!)
entrance on Elmfield Avenue, Crouch End, London, N8 8SG
£10, book/pay for classes at YMCA – online the day before (registration neccessary) or you can pay at reception on the day.
DRIVERS PLEASE NOTE: Elmfield Ave becomes a School Street at 2.30pm. To avoid a fine when leaving, please park in an adjacent street.

FOR BOTH VENUES: Masks are encouraged in the building but are not needed in class.

Monday 7.30-8.30pm
Wednesday 10-11 am
Thursday 6.45-7.45pm
COST: £9.00 a class, this is usually the bottom end of my sliding scale, but if your income has been savaged  due to COVID19 then get in touch.
TO BOOK: Please contact Victoria
ONE LINK TO RULE THEM ALL: You will get one Zoom link for all the classes (separate links will be given for workshops)

I am aiming to re-start in-person 1-day workshops in Spring 2022 and looking to develop some 3 day workshops going forward as well. But for now I am running 3-hour online workshops:


Sunday Nov 7th : ‘Power and Intention’
10.30am-1.30pm, £30
Just one angle of this huge theme, but it is a theme we may pursue in different ways in these workshops for a while.
We can think of the head as the centre of intention and orientation. The main ‘teleceptors’ that give us information about the world at a distance (eyes, ears especially) are in the head, and so it is often the head that directs our intentional movement. But the centre of power is the pelvis – including the big muscles that originate and attach there.
In this workshop we will look at some of the ways these two centres communicate and organise for effective movement.
Links for payment and workshop zoom link: please contact Victoria


-via Paypal: feldenkraisworksvw@gmail.com
-via internet banking:  please ask me for details

The Feldenkrais Method is a learning method, inviting you to go gently, slowly and to feel and notice what you do and adapt. Not to push, strain or try hard. Part of its it its aim is to enable you to take care of yourself rather than rely on the outside intervention of a teacher.
Please note that while I do my best to keep students safe, classes are always at your own risk, especially online where I cannot see you as well as in-person. You will need to be able to get up and down from the floor (super slowly is fine!) and to be able able to lie on the floor.
If you have a medical condition and are unsure please consult a doctor, and for anything else, please feel free to contact Victoria.

I have made a series of short lessons from 30-40 minutes long which are up on my vimeo and are embedded The lessons cover aspects of life that seemed important during the Lockdown, (and continue to be!). They were selected for being  calming as well:

  • eyes, hand, arms, shoulders, neck – for so much phone and computer use being online.
  • breathing – we all need good lung capacity!

You will need  enough space to lie down on the floor (on a mat or blanket). Have a towel or blanket that you can fold to put under your head if you need it rather than a soft cushion or pillow as these tend to prevent your head from moving.
Please be sure to do these lessons gently, carefully and stop if anything hurts or strains. I am not there to help keep you safe, so it will be up to you to look after yourself.

Lesson 1: Hands and EyesLesson 2: Softer Hands, Easier Shoulders

Lesson 3: Making Space for the Breath

Lesson 4: Corkscrew for the Ribs, Breath and Eyes

Lesson 5: See-Saw Breathing and Twisting