Advice and Info for Zoom classes

In case this is as new to you as it has been to me….

  • Download ‘Zoom’ onto your computer Or you can download the app onto your tablet or phone. Go through the process of signing up (for free) and have a look around to familiarise yourself. If you don’t do it before the class, you will be asked to do it when you first click on the invitiation link to the class, but, while it is a small programme and pretty quick to download, if you are not used to this kind of thing you may well need more time to be ready and sometimes it doesn’t work as well from the invitation’s download prompt.
  • Have a 6×6 foot space ready (if you can) with a mat/carpet/blanket and another blanket/towel to fold up under your head if needed.
  • Place your computer, tablet or phone somewhere it can see you so I will be able see you – on the floor near you or looking down at you.
  • Choose a room in which you have the best wifi connection possible or, even better, an Ethernet (plugin cable) for the most stable connection for a computer.
  • Ask other members of the household to stay off the internet if you have trouble connecting.
  • Five minutes or so before our class time, click on the link I will have sent you by email.
  • It should take you straight to the waiting room for the meeting and I will join you in from there.
  • You might have an opportunity to test your microphone and speaker on the way. It’s not essential that your microphone works, but without the speaker you won’t hear me.
  • If you download Zoom beforehand, you can go into the settings (icon of a cog wheel near top right corner) and check both how you look on video and whether your audio is working in advance.
  • Your microphone will be switched off (muted) when you arrive.
  • Please leave it muted unless you want to speak to me, and then be sure to mute it again after. I can also mute and unmute you. (Otherwise we get everyone’s background noise and you won’t hear me properly or at all.)
  • Your video should be on when you arrive but if you don’t want me or others to see you, you can turn your camera off. Bear in mind it helps me teach if I can see you.
  • The microphone and camera icons are bottom left of your screen. You may have to move your mouse/cursor to bring up the icon strip to see them.
  • Also on that bottom icon strip you will see a chat button if you want to message me or others.
  • In the top right hand corner there are viewing options. You can just see me (the host/speaker) or you can see everyone (gallery). This being Feldenkrais you won’t really be looking at the screen, but maybe for the class its best to have just me and then switch to Gallery if you want to stay around and chat for a bit after.
  • Tech can always go wrong, and I am relatively new to this, so please be patient and hopefully we will all get there…

Hope to see you there!