• FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION (1-1 Hands-On) As  a practitioner who supports health I am allowed to work in-person 1-1 in all tiers/lockdown (with all covid protocols in place), however numbers where I work in Haringey have been extremely high. They are coming down, but for now I have a rapid test every tuesday and just see  clients on tues/weds/thurs  in person. See details. 
  • CLASSES : lockdown 3 currently, so all classes are online with a new Zoom link from jan 4 (please ask). Find my current  schedule (plus FREE short audio lessons) here (You can also find all the free audio lessons on vimeo here)
  • WORSKSHOPS 2 three-hour online workshops for Jan/Feb up now.
  • Order your copy of my book ‘Feldenkrais for Actors’ at a discount direct from the publishers here.